domingo, 10 de febrero de 2013

Alastis: The veil has been ripped

Direct space, towards the ancestral core
Heading to nowhere? No more
Relief is what my heart can compel
Now, listen. Stay still.
The beclouded Elysium no longer talks to me
I allowed the deceive to make a move and speak a single word
Yes… To get aware of my own forgotten truth
I am ready to set on fire my own demise
To dance around dead crops after having raised from the cold ashes
And let my wings taste the windy realm of forsaken shattered disgraces
Today I am full of you; I am in love with you
Commanding energy above…
I shall delight in our private celestial downpour
Kinetic state of awareness, my love
Let us begin with the harvest
Save us from a new wave of crocked oddity
All systems settled down
The flight…. Is forthcoming
Good bye!

And hello, Again

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